Bathroom Tile Makeover

  Tile and grout can be one of the least fun spring cleaning tasks ever, but with the handheld steamer, you can make this chore quick and painless!  You only need water. Use the detail brush for your grout, and the garment brush for the tile. Quickly you’ll see a huge difference in the color and quality of your bathroom tiles, and you didn’t even have to bust out a toothbrush or break your back!  Gleaming bathroom floors = spring cleaning success!

Like a New Mattress

Have you ever thought to sanitize your mattress?  Us either, until we learned that a LOT of debris, dust, allergens, and even mites can be living in our beds (YIKES!) Add mattress sanitizing to your spring cleaning to-do today, and don’t fret, the Nugeni Steamers can make this no dig deal.  Getting to use the steam cleaner on mattresses is huge, as it doesn’t use harsh chemicals in your beds while completely sanitizing, deodorizing, and even killing off any unwanted bedmates along the way.  Well…of the insect variety 🙂  

De-Gross the Washer

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that when you’re washing machine is pulling all the dirt and grime from our clothing, it needs a clean out itself from time-to-time – especially front loading washing machines. Mold and mildew build up inside the rubber gasket, and can harbor quite the smell! A quick blast of steam removes the mildew fast. Pull the gasket forward and be sure to clean in all the nooks and crannies. This task isn’t difficult, but it’s important!  Run and empty cycle with 4 cups vinegar and ½ cup of baking soda with hot water.  Let the washer sit for an hour, then run again with nothing in it on hot water.  Voila! Clean washer ready to suck up more dirt!

Refrigerator Purge

Sometimes the fridge can be a cavern of terror, in our opinion.  What’s in that Tupperware dish?  Are those apples ok?  Is that Chinese takeout still good?  (The answer is always no, by the way)  So today, spring-cleaning master, you’re going to purge the refrigerator and freezer.  Grab a giant trash bag and anything questionable, just toss.  You don’t want to eat questionable items.  Put old leftover containers in the sink to wash out, and then actually wash them out (sorry, you have to!).  Clean off your refrigerator coils.  Use your steamer with squeegee attachment to clean off those shelves, then place the good items back in an organized fashion.  Doesn’t it feel good to look in there now?!

Oven Overhaul

No one has ever said, “I really want to clean my oven today,” right? But hey, you’re spring cleaning so it must be done, folks. There are a few ways to accomplish an oven deep clean, but one way with fewer fumes and headaches, is to use your Nugeni Handheld Steamer and get that oven interior sparkling again. The cylinder attachment works perfectly to clean the exterior, and the squeegee tool gets that oven door absolutely sparkling. Use the detail brush for the grates, and any tool will loosen the grease and grime at the bottom of your oven. Steam the grime and wipe away! You don’t need to kick everyone out of the house for the day or dread this task, and once it’s done, it’s done! Onto the next spring cleaning item for you!