How to Steam Mop your Floors

Steam cleaning your floors is easy and fun. Consider the following tips to help your steam mop perform at its best.
– Vacuum your floors before cleaning.
– Use floor mop with cleaning or scrubbing cloth. Be sure to change your mopcloth regularly to avoid dirt streaks on your floor.
– For sealed laminate and hardwood floring, use a lower steam setting. For tile floors, use a higher steam setting AS always, it is best to test a small area prior to full cleaning.
– Use the fine nap Cleaning Cloth for general cleaning of smooth flooring surfaces like hardwood, vinyl, and linoleum.
– The super-absorbent long nap Scrubbing Cloth is ideal for cleaning tough messes and rougher flooring surfaces, like natural stone and textured vinyl. The longer fibers of the scrubbing cloth also help reach into grout lines.
– Use a dry towel or rag to clean up extra moisture if needed.
– Use handheld steamer with detail brush to get grout clean
– Your steam mop is designed to clean sealed hard floor surfaces that will withstand high heat. This includes: sealed hardwood, tile, vinyl, linoleum, slate, stone, marble, and some laminates. Do not use on unsealed wood, unglazed ceramic, or wax treated floors, to avoid sheen removal, warping or other surface damage. It is always recommended to test a small isolated area before proceeding. We recommend you check with your flooring manufacturer for official care instructions.